Trying to do it while being sleep deprived is just torture, for both you and your child.
Is there an easier way?
Can we find help to get the whole family sleeping again?

We say yes!
Hear the story of 3 families who were desperate for sleep, and now all sleep “better than babies”.

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About Me

I am Dana Stone and I am the founder of Live and Rest Coaching. At Live and Rest Coaching, we provide customized sleep training programs to parents who would like to help teach their babies or toddlers to sleep through the night.

Our success stories

What They're Saying

I was skeptical

“It had been months since our daughter had slept through the night. My wife and I were up dozens of times a night to calm and lull her back to sleep. Our combined sense of failing our daughter, and our own exhaustion and frustration, was radiating. Our patience with each other waned as our sanity slowly eroded. Thank goodness my wife suggested we consult a sleep expert. I was skeptical, admittedly. My wife was more certain than I was, for which I am grateful. Once we spoke with Dana, we learned how an infant’s sleep cycles progress. I had no idea that there are so many variables that work for or against a child’s sleep. Unknowingly, we were lovingly sabotaging our daughter’s (and our own) sleep. But, thanks to Dana, we had a custom strategy to follow to get our little girl sleeping peacefully through the night. It was tough at times, but we felt like we were close and supportive of her as we incrementally worked through the plan. Within a week, we were 180 degrees from where we started. Peace (and sanity) soon returned to our home, and our daughter even enjoys our new routine. Thank you so much Dana.”

Thought it was impossible for our little one to sleep

“Dana Stone has been SO helpful to our family. Our little one was 11 months old and still waking up multiple times each night. We had tried many different things and gotten lots of good advice from friends and relatives – but nothing was working! Dana just helped us bring everything together and really did troubleshoot. She had new ideas that we hadn’t heard about that worked so well. We honestly thought it was impossible for our little one to sleep through the night or take regular naps. She resisted everything we tried. We have four other kids that have all slept well – so we thought this baby was just NOT a sleeper! We were wrong! Within a week, she was sleeping over 10 hours each night and taking two naps during the day! Two weeks after we started with Dana, she barely fusses when going down for naps or at night and we all feel SO great and rested. We didn’t know how tired we were! We are so grateful to Dana for bringing sleep back to our tired family 🙂 We highly recommend her to anyone who needs a good night’s rest! Her wisdom has helped not just the baby – but the rest of us rethink our sleep habits as well! Thank you, Dana!”
~Liz and James

Hear more from Dana on her Podcast.

The Winning at the Mom Life Podcast is an exciting podcast that wants to help women change the lens they use to validate themselves. It is so true, we are our own worst critiques.  Every child, every family, every mother is so unique and walks a different path.  It’s time that we stop comparing ourselves to others and decide what we want our lives to look like.  Happiness is now.. happiness is finding what you can love about your current situation and what you can do to makes tomorrows reality look exactly how you want it to look.  That is truly Winning at the Mom Life!

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