Thanks for stopping by! I’m Dana Stone, founder of Live and Rest Coaching.

I have worked with hundreds of families.  And all of those amazing families find themselves asking 1 question at the conclusion of our work…

Why did we let it go for so long?
  • The sleepless nights

  • All the worry

  • Not to mention the total exhaustion

In a few short weeks, your baby will be sleeping through the night and your entire family will be getting the rest they need.

I trained directly with some of the most experienced sleep experts in the world.

I furthered my education with infant mental health studies, earned my CSSC (certified sleep science coach) through the Spencer Institute, and studied Integrative Sleep Science with the International Maternity and Parenting Institute.

Recognized by as one of the top 200 sleep consultants in the US you can feel certain that your child’s sleep is my top priority.

As a member of the  International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, I’m constantly learning and gaining new insights to the most effective ways to love your baby to sleep.

I am confident in the tools and education I have to help families get their little ones sleeping- and I’ve been working with families like yours since 2015.

When it all began?

My fourth son, Colton, was my introduction to sleep deprivation.

My first 3 children were sleeping through the night between 2 weeks and 2 months.  But Colton was a year old and hadn’t slept a single night!  

I had 4 children, a full time job, and a husband that travelled a lot. 

Needless to say there were times that I spent crying in the closet floor.  

I was exhausted, but I didn’t know where to start. 

When I finally got help, he started sleeping through the night in 5 nights!!

Our entire family was forever changed, I knew that this was something I wanted to pour myself into and help guide other families through these seemingly endless sleepless nights.

Our mission at Live and Rest Coaching is to break the exhaustion cycle of as many families as we can.

We have expanded our reach and capacity to help by building a team of top knotch consultants. We pool our knowledge and different backgrounds to offer a experience that meets the needs of our families with ease.

Professional Consultant

Meet Our Experts

Lianne Drew

Pediatric Sleep Consultant
My name is Lianne. I live on Vancouver Island in B.C., Canada, and I’m a mom of two little boys. I have a B.Sc. in Public Health Education, and I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I’ve always enjoyed being able to learn about best practices and disseminate that information to people who want to make changes in their lives.

My firstborn had a hard time with sleep as a baby which motivated me to learn all I could about infant and toddler sleep. Many of my friends and family members then started to ask for my help with their children’s sleep. In order to help more families with achieving their sleep goals, I decided to become a certified pediatric sleep consultant in the summer of 2021.

I believe every family and every child has a unique make-up of different needs, temperaments, and beliefs that need to be accounted for when making sleep habit changes and when learning to sleep independently. I want to dig into where you and your family are right now and help you achieve the goals that you have.

I enjoy working with all ages, from setting newborns up for sustainable sleep with simple routines and habits, to teaching infants how to initiate independent sleep for the first time, and collaborating with young toddlers who are learning to test boundaries.

I would love to help your family to reach your sleep goals in a realistic and achievable way.

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Sofia Rodrigues

Senior Sleep Consultant
Originally from Canada living in Costa Rica started her sleep journey 6 years ago with her first born. She says “I decided to get certified as a consultant in 2018 after my daughter was born and my passion kept growing, by 2019 I got certified as a newborn sleep consultant and specialist and have helped many families get the sleep they need over the last 4 years”. She has perfected gentle methods and techniques for babies as early as 4 weeks old.

Here at Live and Rest we strive to reach each parent where they are and make the journey as comfortable and as positive as possible. I’m looking forward to doing the same for you!

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