They say it “takes a village to raise a child.”  This old proverb is speaking to the importance of a strong community.   We would love to be a part of your village!

Our group coaching experience is an on-demand style of coaching.  

We have assembled all of the most sleep critical components and put together a program that you can walk through with the decision points that we use when putting together a plan.

Together we will:

  • Get to the root of the bedtime delays and continuous wakings
  • Find a solution that works with your parenting philosophies
  • Arm you with strategies and tools to prevent future issues from arising
  • Learn to overcome common setbacks like travel and sickness


  • Enjoying bedtime with a pleasant predictable routine
  • Waking refreshed from a full night’s sleep.
  • Spending quality time with a well rested family instead of struggling throuogh tired and emotional outbursts

The plan is simple But the impact is Life Changing

  1. Submit your sleep situation questionnaire.
  2. The questionnaire is evaluated by a professional sleep consultant to ensure your families specific needs are met.
  3. Your personalized sleep plan is created and sent to you.
  4. You access your online portal for the self paced e-course to build the foundation for your implementation.
  5. Daily video support for the 2 weeks of implementation.
  6. You have 3 months of access to weekly LIVE group q/a zoom sessions.  (Attend live or submit questions in advance)
  7. Upon Graduation you get 1 year access to the online videos.

Ready to start sleeping again?

Still not sure? Let’s chat and find the best path for you.

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