We know you are tired. That's why we are here to help.

If you are a parent struggling with a little one who just won’t sleep through the night, you’re not alone.   But it can feel so overwhelming sorting through all the advice, studies, and methods.  It can feel isolating. 

Sometimes it can feel hopeless.  Like you may never sleep again.  Lack of sleep is hard on the whole family and it can make it so difficult to think clearly.  Emotions are heightened at a time where there is already so much change.  That’s why we’re here to help.

At Live and Rest, we understand the challenges of sleep and parenthood. That’s why we work hard to take guess work out of the process.  We have worked for years to perfect the most gentle program possible.  Working with families from all over the world.  We have found that there was a natural pattern that emerged to help your little one learn and adjust.  

Education >  A Clear Plan > and Support.  

The best way to know if this could be exactly what your family is looking for is to set up a call.  We will be honest and answer any questions you have about our process.

Do you ever feel...

  • Like parenting just shouldn’t be this hard.
  • Like you have tried everything to get your child to sleep through the night, but they just can’t.
  • Overwhelmed because you have so much great advice but just don’t know where to start.
  • Like It’s easier to just go to sleep with your child, then to fight them for hours just for them to wake a little while later.
  • Afraid that your child is not getting the amount of sleep they need for good health.
  • Short fused and aggravated no matter how hard you try to act like you can continue to function with that little sleep.
  • Like you just need one moment to yourself or you might snap!

Have you thought.. Maybe my baby is just not a sleeper?

Or have you thought that maybe sleeping through the night is just not an option for us?

We offer Sleep Support for Newborns thru the Toddler Years!

Every day we work with nurturing and caring parents like you, that lately have been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted because your sweet baby, toddler, or preschooler is still waking through the night.

You’ve thought by now that they would be sleeping.

You find yourself agonizing over these questions

  • what am I doing wrong,
  • why won’t this child sleep?

The exhaustion is wearing on you and this is not what you thought parenting would be like.

But together we can get past the confusion and overwhelm and step by step teach your child the skills that they need to happily sleep through the night, in 10 days!

10 days from now you could be kicking mom-brain to the curb because you are resting peacefully in your bed while your sweet baby sleeps happily in theirs, ALL NIGHT LONG.

And our team wants to help you do this in as gentle an approach as possible, without sacrificing your parenting instincts.


Who is the right fit for our private support packages?

Families looking for guidance and support they can trust. You want to work with a consultant that is going to get to know your baby, your family, and your specific situation. You may have read some books and even tried to implement things before but it didn’t result in the peaceful sleep you were hoping for. You want a trained and professional consultant that is going to hold your hand through the process and be there for questions along the way.

What can you expect?


When you work with our team, you can expect a personalized approach to sleep training that is tailored to your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. Your consultant will work closely with you to create a customized plan that takes into account your child’s age, sleep habits, and personality.

We approach things a bit different then other programs out there. We have a slow phased approach that allows you to master some key milestones before moving into the next phase. We find that this makes it easier for you, and the child. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with tons of instruction all at once, and you have clear objectives and fall-back methods.

Your consultant will provide you with guidance and support as you implement the sleep training plan phase by phase. They will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Our clients attain amazing results, even those that thought their baby would never learn to sleep well!

Our success stories

What They're Saying

I was skeptical

“It had been months since our daughter had slept through the night. My wife and I were up dozens of times a night to calm and lull her back to sleep. Our combined sense of failing our daughter, and our own exhaustion and frustration, was radiating. Our patience with each other waned as our sanity slowly eroded. Thank goodness my wife suggested we consult a sleep expert. I was skeptical, admittedly. My wife was more certain than I was, for which I am grateful. Once we spoke with Dana, we learned how an infant’s sleep cycles progress. I had no idea that there are so many variables that work for or against a child’s sleep. Unknowingly, we were lovingly sabotaging our daughter’s (and our own) sleep. But, thanks to Dana, we had a custom strategy to follow to get our little girl sleeping peacefully through the night. It was tough at times, but we felt like we were close and supportive of her as we incrementally worked through the plan. Within a week, we were 180 degrees from where we started. Peace (and sanity) soon returned to our home, and our daughter even enjoys our new routine. Thank you so much Dana.”

Thought it was impossible for our little one to sleep

“Dana Stone has been SO helpful to our family. Our little one was 11 months old and still waking up multiple times each night. We had tried many different things and gotten lots of good advice from friends and relatives – but nothing was working! Dana just helped us bring everything together and really did troubleshoot. She had new ideas that we hadn’t heard about that worked so well. We honestly thought it was impossible for our little one to sleep through the night or take regular naps. She resisted everything we tried. We have four other kids that have all slept well – so we thought this baby was just NOT a sleeper! We were wrong! Within a week, she was sleeping over 10 hours each night and taking two naps during the day! Two weeks after we started with Dana, she barely fusses when going down for naps or at night and we all feel SO great and rested. We didn’t know how tired we were! We are so grateful to Dana for bringing sleep back to our tired family 🙂 We highly recommend her to anyone who needs a good night’s rest! Her wisdom has helped not just the baby – but the rest of us rethink our sleep habits as well! Thank you, Dana!”
~Liz and James

Can you imagine...

  • A fun and relaxing routine to prepare your child for sleep.
  • Laying them down while they are still awake without screaming and crying.
  • Giving them a kiss on the head and leaving the room and they roll over and happily go to sleep.
  • As you leave their room, you and your spouse enjoy some time together. You have dinner, watch a movie, have an adult conversation.
  • You prepare yourself for bed, taking a moment to give yourself a little self care.
  • You wake the next morning refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead because you had a night of peaceful, revitalizing, non interrupted sleep!

Working with Live and Rest Coaching is a parenting support experience unlike all others. When you work with us you get…

  • A private consultation with an expert sleep coach that understands the science behind sleep and is able to identify the specific issues with your child.
  • Receive an actionable plan that walks you step by step through the process, the steps you will be taking in the next 10 days.  Making it easy to follow and easy to know what your next step is.
  • Unsurpassed support and guidance through the program with daily reviews via logs, phone calls, or emails.
  • You don’t have to wonder if you are making good progress.  If something isn’t progressing right we will catch it quickly and make immediate adjustments.

We have been the sleep deprived and exhausted parent, and we know the pain it can cause for the entire family. With this in mind, we make certain that you get the personalized attention you need to experience success.

When we are finished working together, you’ll…

  • Understand what causes the constant night wakings, and how to make them stop.
  • Have proven, step by step strategies that help your baby fall asleep easily and independently at bedtime so you don’t have to spend hours rocking, nursing, and/or bouncing your baby to sleep each night.
  • Get your evening back!! You will have some time to reconnect with your partner.  Heck you could even get to work on the next one!!
  • Say “LATER” to those exhausting wakeups on repeat once and for all!
  • You will have peace of mind and contentment that you just had a huge PARENTING WIN!

If you have been desperately looking for help, wishing night after night that tonight will be the night you finally get some sleep. It’s not magic. It’s science! And we can do it together. Let’s get started.

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