Are you tired of endless sleepless nights?

You are NOT alone.  In fact almost 40% of children aren’t getting the sleep that they need.

Let our team of experienced sleep consultants help you and your baby get a good night’s rest. We offer a variety of services to help your family get the sleep you need.

It can feel so overwhelming sorting through all the advice, studies, and methods.  It can feel isolating. 

Sometimes it can feel hopeless.  Like you may never sleep again.  Lack of sleep is hard on the whole family and it can make it so difficult to think clearly.  Emotions are heightened at a time where there is already so much change.  That’s why we’re here to help.

At Live and Rest, we understand the challenges of sleep and parenthood. That’s why we work hard to take guess work out of the process.  We have worked for years to perfect the most gentle program possible.  Working with families from all over the world.  We have found that there was a natural pattern that emerged to help your little one learn and adjust.  

Education >  A Clear Plan > and Support.  

The best way to know if this could be exactly what your family is looking for is to set up a call.  We will be honest if we feel like this is a good fit for what you are looking for and answer any questions you have about our process.

Cara Bond
We used Hanneke through Live and Rest! Honestly, I will credit my anxiety reducing. She was always available to help navigate the sleep training. So kind and easy to get ahold of. I feel more confidence going forward each day and with traveling! Without her and her knowledge who knows where we will be. A 4.5 months, my daughter was waking every 45minutes to an hour and within 3 days we got her sleeping through the night. We also started the same time as she was starting daycare, so I feel confident navigating the evenings after pickup and bedtimes. Cannot recommend Hanneke enough! If you are thinking of using her, just do it! You will not be disappointed!
Cara Bond   -  
Sinkin Ho
Best decision to work with Hanneke to train my daughter at 4 month. She is very professional, patience, and well knowledge!!! She helps me figure out the feeding issues which solve the short naps problem. My daughter can sleep independently for night and day naps. My family can be well rested!
Sinkin Ho   -  
If you are having any sleep issues with your little one or doubts about sleep training, live and rest is the company to use. They helped me with both of my boys! My second who is now 8 months old was a tricky guy with reflux. Hanneke helped guide us through sleep training while being careful with his reflux. He also is having a heck of a time with the 3 to 2 nap transition and she is guiding us through that. I absolutely can not recommend her enough.
Nicole   -  
Jessie S
Our little family was exhausted. The advice from other moms, didn’t assist us in our journey to resolving the issue - it only provided a sense of gratification for their own parenting skills - whether honest or not. After those conversations, I was left with the feeling of inadequacy. Following these frustrating encounters, we decided to turn to professional and qualified guidance, and with that shook off the feeling of inadequacy - it was the best decision we ever made for our child. Our little family is sleeping, our marriage is rejuvenated, and we wake up to a day of achievable goals. By confronting and establishing our 14 month old’s sleep routine, as well as breaking away from the need for bottles and pacifiers, we are now able to truly enjoy a well rested toddler, who is open to growing and learning, without the fuss of being overtired. Dana’s manner and approach to empowering a couple, by providing information, gave us the confidence to be able to ask questions, obtain clarity, and feel that we were actively involved in creating the peace within our home. There were never any grey areas, and by following her schedule, using the skills and strategies she provided, we were successfully able to instill the routine and comfort, our little one so desperately needed. The beauty about being under Dana’s care is that we never have to worry about the guess work again. We know when the next milestone of adjustment will come, and with Dana’s return packages, we can enjoy being in touch with her whenever we need to. When asked now about my little one’s sleep routine, I am able to tell other mom’s that with this experience she is truly sleeping well. I am able to confidently tell other mom’s that we couldn’t do it alone - we weren’t nervous to admit it - and that by turning to a professional, and proactively implementing the skills and strategies she gave us, we were successfully able to establish what our little family needed -sleep. Thank you, Dana!
Jessie S   -  
Ryan Harbin
I don’t say this in jest when I say Hanneke probably saved our lives. My infant went the entire first year of his life without sleeping more than two hours at a time. My husband and I were dangerously exhausted. We shouldn’t have been driving. He owns his own business operating heavy machinery and it was terrifying to see him do it while he was so tired. Everyone referred us to Live and Rest, but I wasn’t ready to admit defeat until we hit the one year mark. After all, aren’t all new parents supposed to be tired? It got to the point where we realized we’d lost so much more business by making stupid mistakes than the cost of the program that we decided to invest. Within four days, he was sleeping 12 hours. My 3-year-old was a different child because he spent the last year exhausted. My infant was a different child because he wasn’t exhausted. My marriage changed because we weren’t arguing like drunk people (you know when you KNOW you’re being irrational but you’re too tired to to correct it). Our business is thriving. Our family is thriving. If I could go back, I would tell myself — and all those people who claim this is just part of parenthood— that it’s not normal to be this exhausted.
Ryan Harbin   -  
I contacted Lianne for help with my 5th baby. He was the worst sleeper ever. She seemed very knowledgeable, definitely knew her stuff. She was very easy to work with and kept in contact to make sure we were doing ok. I went from waking up 15+ times a night to him sleeping through the night within a few weeks maybe even sooner. I wish I had contacted her earlier. If I was ever going to have another baby, I would actually do it right from the start, it was so helpful! She was really wonderful to work with and I would 100% use her again.
Jordan   -  
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