The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that so many others have enjoyed.

Personally I waited too long to get help. I had no idea that there were professionals that studied pediatric sleep and could help our family. When I found help I was at my wits end. I could see what the sleepless nights were doing to me and my family. My fuse was short, my temper was hot, and I walked around most days feeling like a zombie. It was hard to be the best wife, mom, and even employee that I knew I wanted to be. Everything around me seemed to be so heavy. The relief that my family and I felt was almost immediate when we started sleeping again. I often look back at that year as the most difficult year of my entire life. Don’t make the mistake that I did, thinking things would just pass. This path steals years of enjoyment. Let me and the Live and Rest team support you!

“Dana Stone has been SO helpful to our family. Our little one was 11 months old and still waking up multiple times each night. We had tried many different things and gotten lots of good advice from friends and relatives – but nothing was working! Dana just helped us bring everything together and really did troubleshoot. She had new ideas that we hadn’t heard about that worked so well. We honestly thought it was impossible for our little one to sleep through the night or take regular naps. She resisted everything we tried. We have four other kids that have all slept well – so we thought this baby was just NOT a sleeper! We were wrong! Within a week, she was sleeping over 10 hours each night and taking two naps during the day! Two weeks after we started with Dana, she barely fusses when going down for naps or at night and we all feel SO great and rested. We didn’t know how tired we were! We are so grateful to Dana for bringing sleep back to our tired family : ) We highly recommend her to anyone who needs a good night’s rest! Her wisdom has helped not just the baby – but the rest of us rethink our sleep habits as well! Thank you, Dana!”
~ Liz and James
“I had not slept much since my daughter was born. She was 7 months and I was exhausted! I nursed her to sleep every nap and at bedtime then when she woke during the night I would co-sleep with her. I didn’t know HOW to transition from doing this to what we are doing now. Glenni Lorick led me to Dana. And now my little girl is taking 2 good naps a day in Her crib and sleeping through the night in Her crib with her doin it all herself with little assistance from me. It is truly Amazing! Plus she has had a huge growth spurt!! If u are having trouble with trying to figure out what advice to take or what to do.. call Dana. U will not regret It!”
~ Traci
“This process has been wonderful for our children! Dana is professional, down to earth, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable! I highly recommend this service to any parent struggling to put their kids to sleep! The plan is specifically designed for your child, it’s not just letting them cry it out which was way better for us!”
~ Erin
My experience with Hanneke at Live and Rest Coaching was amazing. She fulfilled everything she said she was going to, was professional, very to the point, and effective. She clearly has a love for babies and helping moms/parents adjust to the changes a new baby brings. After working with her for 3 weeks, I continued the professional relationship on a month to month basis just in case I needed her. She really helps me make sense of my babies specific needs for food, milk amounts, sleep, awake windows etc. I have personally recommended her to multiple family and friends with babies as well!
~ Melanie
Hi Dana,

You are a life saver!!!! Within 1,5 weeks of starting your program, Kaide is going down at 7:30 with no arguments, and he is managing to put himself back to sleep within 10 minutes, he is also having two nice sleeps in the day. I am a totally different person, and our relationship has improved tenfold.

After having just accepted that this was to be my lot in life, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to survive on between 3 and 5 hours sleep a night. I have my own business, which means if I loaf, I don’t get paid, so sleeping in the day is out of the question. Kaide is with me all day and would only sleep for 30 minutes once a day, so as you can imagine, I could not function to full capacity at all.

We got advice from everyone, and tried everything, but all people could say was, “you made your bed, now lie in it.” Everyone knew the problem, but no-one could give us a solution, even the doctors. That is until I stumbled upon your website. You made it so easy.

Our history with Kaide was the cause of the problem. When he was born, his Dad and I were building a lodge in the Kruger National Park. Seeing as the house we were in was the only accommodation at the time, we had to share it with builders, plumbers, head office staff etc etc, with up to 14 people sleeping in a three bedroom house with us and our 6 week old baby.

Kaide also had colic, and as I was the only one who never had to do heavy work, it was my duty to keep the little guy quiet when he awoke in pain, so everyone else could get a decent nights sleep. I would sit up all night with him to keep him quiet, and pass out at about 5am. During the day he would only sleep for 6 minutes at a time, so there was no time for me to sleep then either. As he got older we found that if he went down before 8pm he would wake at 9:30, and would not go back down until 12:00. If we put him down at 9pm, he would sleep till 8am, but still he awoke at least 5 times a night and needed me.

Having become so accustomed to rocking and shushing him back to sleep, when he awoke in the night, that is exactly what I would do. Not realizing that this was not actually what was expected of me, that my child would not despise me, or worse end up with a low IQ from screaming. I definitely suffered with depression and only now can I see how badly. I was starting to lose it, and Kaide and I were not enjoying one another at all. Your program has given us back our lives, and has recreated that special bond that I lost with my child.

Thank you so much
~ Gary, Candice and Kaide
“It had been months since our daughter had slept through the night. My wife and I were up dozens of times a night to calm and lull her back to sleep. Our combined sense of failing our daughter, and our own exhaustion and frustration, was radiating. Our patience with each other waned as our sanity slowly eroded. Thank goodness my wife suggested we consult a sleep expert.

I was skeptical, admittedly. My wife was more certain than I was, for which I am grateful. Once we spoke with Dana, we learned how an infant’s sleep cycles progress. I had no idea that there are so many variables that work for or against a child’s sleep. Unknowingly, we were lovingly sabotaging our daughter’s (and our own) sleep. But, thanks to Dana, we had a custom strategy to follow to get our little girl sleeping peacefully through the night. It was tough at times, but we felt like we were close and supportive of her as we incrementally worked through the plan. Within a week, we were 180 degrees from where we started. Peace (and sanity) soon returned to our home, and our daughter even enjoys our new routine. Thank you so much Dana.”
~ David
I contacted Lianne for help with my 5th baby. He was the worst sleeper ever. She seemed very knowledgeable, definitely knew her stuff. She was very easy to work with and kept in contact to make sure we were doing ok. I went from waking up 15+ times a night to him sleeping through the night within a few weeks maybe even sooner. I wish I had contacted her earlier. If I was ever going to have another baby, I would actually do it right from the start, it was so helpful! She was really wonderful to work with and I would 100% use her again.
~ Jordan
My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Hanneke with Live and Rest Coaching recently. She was able to help us sleep train our baby and we are so thankful for her. I heard about her from two different friends. My friend Kristen who is a mother of two spoke so highly of Hanneke and told me that she highly recommended her. Another friend, Brandon, later told my husband and I that he also worked with her for his daughter and he stated that he also heard about her from our mutual friend Kristen. We were not sure what to expect and my husband was pretty skeptical. However, in less than a week our son, Elias, was sleeping twelve hours at night and napping between seventy minutes to two hours consistently. Additionally, he was eating way more and in general seemed like a much happier baby. Hanneke helped us understand the necessary wake windows, nap schedules, and how his feeds are directly related to his sleep. She was also very hands on and always very responsive in helping. We are so grateful for her and have already recommended her to several friends.
~ Jasmin
Lauren SimpsonLauren Simpson
15:48 31 May 22
Our family highly recommends Dana! Our 8 month old was waking up nearly every hour at night, and would not go back to sleep without nursing, cuddling, or being held. Dana helped us quickly change our habits and encourage our baby to fall asleep and stay asleep on his own. I told her upfront that I did not want to let him cry, and she created a plan for us that allowed us to slowly wean him from night feeds and constant pick-ups, with minimal tears involved. I truly never thought I would be able to put him in his crib awake and leave the room without a major meltdown! Dana has give us the greatest gift we could ask for - SLEEP!
Marianne WindhamMarianne Windham
02:40 17 Mar 22
I took Dana’s 6-week Take Action Master Class from November 29-January 10. During that time it was a great opportunity to evaluate the past year, and to set goals and have a firm plan of action for 2022. As busy as it is around the holidays, having the tools from the workshop at my fingertips made it easy to work the program with my schedule. And the workbooks will be something I will use for years to come. Professionally, we are usually able to sit down and evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it-what’s working and what isn’t. But we sometimes forget to evaluate how we feel about it, good or bad. Some people may think they don’t have a choice. But it does matter. Setting boundaries, reducing stress and prioritizing things, appointments, people, activities that fit my goals, values, interests-AND bring me joy! Making honest decisions and changes for the better, based on my own happiness is something that is very important to me at this stage in my life and work career. I highly recommend this Take Action Master Class. Thank you Dana for a great jump start to this year!???
Lauren CatoeLauren Catoe
20:33 04 Mar 21
If you are looking to help your baby sleep better, Dana can certainly help! Yes it is work and at times there will be frustration, but push through and stick with her guidance! 3 weeks of training and our 5 month old went from feeding multiple times a night and 30 minute naps, to no night feedings (sleeping through the night most nights), and much longer naps! It was definitely worth the time and financial investment and our baby is much happier!
Jessie SJessie S
03:42 12 May 20
Our little family was exhausted. The advice from other moms, didn’t assist us in our journey to resolving the issue - it only provided a sense of gratification for their own parenting skills - whether honest or not. After those conversations, I was left with the feeling of inadequacy. Following these frustrating encounters, we decided to turn to professional and qualified guidance, and with that shook off the feeling of inadequacy - it was the best decision we ever made for our child. Our little family is sleeping, our marriage is rejuvenated, and we wake up to a day of achievable goals. By confronting and establishing our 14 month old’s sleep routine, as well as breaking away from the need for bottles and pacifiers, we are now able to truly enjoy a well rested toddler, who is open to growing and learning, without the fuss of being overtired. Dana’s manner and approach to empowering a couple, by providing information, gave us the confidence to be able to ask questions, obtain clarity, and feel that we were actively involved in creating the peace within our home. There were never any grey areas, and by following her schedule, using the skills and strategies she provided, we were successfully able to instill the routine and comfort, our little one so desperately needed. The beauty about being under Dana’s care is that we never have to worry about the guess work again. We know when the next milestone of adjustment will come, and with Dana’s return packages, we can enjoy being in touch with her whenever we need to. When asked now about my little one’s sleep routine, I am able to tell other mom’s that with this experience she is truly sleeping well. I am able to confidently tell other mom’s that we couldn’t do it alone - we weren’t nervous to admit it - and that by turning to a professional, and proactively implementing the skills and strategies she gave us, we were successfully able to establish what our little family needed -sleep. Thank you, Dana!
Lizabeth RodriguezLizabeth Rodriguez
02:31 19 Nov 19
I highly, HIGHLY recommend Rest Assured Consulting service. With Dana's expertise, we achieved a 180 with the sleep success of our 10 month old son. I thought we were beyond help, but Dana was able to assess the sleep situation and provide a customized sleep program that targeted the problematic areas in our sleep routine. She was there every step of the way. Our boy went from taking 15 minute naps and hourly wakings at night, to napping 60+ minutes and sleeping soundly through the night. We still adhere to the program today. So, if you're a sleep deprived parent, then give Rest Assured a try, you will not regret it.
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