Let’s Spend More Time in Bed this Year

Across the world but especially in the U.S. we don’t place enough priority on sleep.  We all “know” that we need to sleep more, but is it on the top portion of your to-do list?  Its seems like an easy thing to stay up a little later, or get up early when there are so many demands on your time during the day.  But what are you giving up by doing this?  I came across a great article on http://www.health.com and it summed it up ever so eloquently:

What can more sleep do for you?

• Improve Memory
• Live Longer
• Curb Inflammation
• Spur Creativity
• Be a winner
• Improve your grades
• Sharpen attention
• Have a healthy weight
• Lower Stress
• Avoid Accidents
• Steer Clear of Depression

For the full article click here.

I think we are all guilty of this from time to time, I have to admit that I am guilty too.. Sometimes working on late night projects I will lose track of time and suddenly it’s midnight or 1AM.

What is keeping you from sleeping?  What can help you sleep more?

Do you need to streamline some household processes so you are spending less time with chores and more time in bed?

Do you need to work with your little ones to help them with the transition into sleep so that you are not spending hours at bed time?

Do you need to concentrate on efficiency so you are working smarter, not harder and not burning the midnight oil for work projects?

Are you spending too much time on Social Media?

Are the kids going to bed so late that you have to stay up even later to have your “me” time?

Really spend some time asking yourself what it is that is keeping you up late.

Set a bedtime that works for you.  Consider when you have to wake in the morning.  Do you have a certain time that you have to get up for work, or do you know that your child never sleeps past 6AM?  Start there and back it up 8 hours.  This is the time that you really need to start targeting to get to bed.  If you like to have some wind down time maybe set it 30 minutes before that so you can have a little pillow talk with your spouse, read a little from your favorite book, or just update your bullet journal for the day.  (Side note on the books: I had a friend mention that she only reads self-help books at night so she is able to put them down; a book that she will be sucked into and not want to stop reading would be for early morning reading, nap, or car rider line.)

Make it work into your life, but the important thing is to make the effort to make it work.  Find the barriers and work to eliminate them.

I’d love to hear your other resolutions!!  Share with us!

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